We welcome diversity of thought and expression of faith but are guided by a number of convictions:

We believe that tolerance may be the best the world can offer but Christ’ church must offer more. At Life’s Journey we hope to offer an extravagant welcome and a celebration of one another’s lives and relationships. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, certain or doubting, gay or straight, single or partnered, full of hope or struggling to find a way we believe that you deserve to be embraced and celebrated as a child of God.

We believe that a community of faith bearing Christ name can be an agent of change and transformation. With that high calling in our hearts we embark on missions of justice and peacemaking.

We believe that one can take the Bible seriously without taking it literally. We pledge to listen for God’s still speaking voice in our sacred scriptures, in our world and in one another.

We believe that God has been revealed in the Christian tradition but that we are not the lone possessors of truth. We seek to work with people of other faiths as well as those who are not people of faith in the hopes of learning from one another and creating a better and safer world.

Worship with us

Come and worship with us at 10:30am
on Sunday mornings and join us in our
hopeful journey.

Whoever you are & wherever you are on Life’s Journey you are welcome in this place!